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Are you ready for the post-spawn?

How has your fishing been lately?  Are you still catching them like you did when the first wave of prespawners started pulling up to the banks?  If not, continue reading.

For most parts of the country, the spawn is over, an unusually warm spring brought fish to the bank in masses.  The result? We now have an earlier than normal post-spawn phase.  Which can be a good thing, if you adjust properly.  For starters, in the immediate post-spawn, your bigger females will be lethargic, so drop down to a finesse presentation like a  Shakee head with a straight tailed worm.  This will give you an opportunity to catch those females that really don't want to chase a bait, they're still recovering from the spawn.

As time passes, the fish that have spawned can get away from bottom hugging baits and will begin to chase a little.  This is an opportune time for a Hawg Caller spinnerbait, either in a shad pattern or a bluegill/bream imitating pattern.  You'll want silver blades on the shad imitator and copper or gold blades on the bluegill/bream imitation. Double colorado blades for dingier water, a Colorado/Willow combination for slightly stained to clear water. 

When trying to catch some of these post-spawn fish, remember that the presence of baitfish is important, and fishing around areas where bluegill spawn or hang out, like boat docks and old boat ramps are also great options.  One last thing to remember, don't shy away from the wind, when throwing a spinnerbait, the wind can be a great asset.

Hoepfully, you can take this little bit of information and apply to your next fishing trip!

Good Luck and Good Fishin',

Lunker Lure Hawg Caller

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