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Beat the Summer Heat...Fish When the Sun Goes Down

If you're like most anglers, you've had enough of the triple digit temperatures we've had this summer.  So how can you fish and not get hot?  The answer is simple, go night fishing.  It takes a little getting used to if you've never been, but once you get acclimated to doing your normal fishing routines in the dark, it can be a blast.  Most often the fish will be shallower during the night than during the day, and will be more receptive to feeding.  They also are a lot less pressured.  Places to start are the normal places you fish in the summer time, just possibly a little shallower.

What kind of baits do you need?  Really bait selection is very simple.  Two baits can do the bulk of your night fishing: 1. a jig (regular or football) and a spinnerbait with a single Colorado blade.  Colors are also very simple.  Dark colors seem to dominate during the nighttime on both baits.  I'm no expert, but when it's dark, dark colors actually provide a better bait profile than a bright or white bait.  Colors like: Black & Blue, Black, Black and Red, Purple & Pink, Black, Blue & Purple, you get the idea, dark shades just seem to work better.  So take a little time spend some time on the water after dark.  One item that'll help you is a headlamp, one of those small lightweight models for hikers, it will help with retying, getting unsnagged and moving around the boat.  Once you get comfortable fishing after dark, you'll use it less and less.  Remember one thing...WEAR YOUR LIFEJACKET!! Fishing at night changes your perception, so make sure you have your PFD on, don't think you're above falling out of the boat. 

Other than that, get out on the water after dark!  Give it a try, it just might be for you!!

Good Luck and Good Fishing,

Lunker Lure-Hawg Caller

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