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Buzzbaits...a must have in every angler's tacklebox

If you're like most fisherman, you probably have an Original Lunker Lure Buzzbait or two in your tacklebox. The question isn't so much whether you have any buzzbaits, it's more in the direction of how often do you use them?  Catching fish on a buzzbait can be pretty exciting, watching a fish come up on the surface to hit a lure is definitely neat to see.  Today we're going to discuss a few ways to help you catch more fish while throwing a buzzbait.

As anglers we often limit the capabilities of a lure by thinking it will only work in certain situations or at certain times of the year, that can be one of the biggest mistakes a fisherman can make in regards to a buzzbait.  From Late spring through fall, fish can be consistently caught throwing a buzzbait, especially if you encounter certain situations, and that's what we're going to discuss today, situations where a buzzbait can produce quality bites on a regular basis.

1. River Systems: If you fish on a river system regularly, then chances are you have fished in situations where current was present.  Current is a benefit, no doubt, it helps to position the fish and it usually means you  will encounter some fish that are active.  When fishing in current, look for objects that are breaking the current (i.e.- a big rock, a log, stump, bridge piling) anywhere you see a current break can be an excellent place to run a buzzbait.  Throw your buzzer upstream of the object and bring it past, if at all possible bumping the object with your buzzbait during the retreive can be all it takes to trigger a strike.  Secondly, as you fish look for hard targets, stumps, logs, etc. these are all places that a bass will be on a river, and especially pay attention to areas with shade.  When you find areas of your river that have overhanging trees or objects that create shade on the water, look for hard targets to cast your buzzbait at in these areas of shade. 

2. Vegetation: Whether on a lake or a river, anytime vegetation is present there's an opportunity for a buzzbait bite.  Whether it's grass (i.e.- milfoil, coontail, etc.), lily pads, or water willow you can always count on there being fish in vegetation.  Start by fishning the edges of the vegetation, this where the most active fish will be located.  Next, look for any irregularities that may be present, whether it's isolated clumps of grass or pads, or where the grass line comes to a point, both are excellent locations to generate a bite.

3. Rip rap: or "rocks" as some anglers call them, can be found on practically all lakes and rivers.  Rip rap tends to have it's own ecosystem surrounding it.  Whether it's shad spawning on the rocks, or up feeding on the algae that grows on them, there is usually baitfish present around rip rap.  When fishing rip rap, throw your buzzbait parallel to the bank, this keeps your bait in the strike zone longer.  Start by throwing close to the rocks and working your way out, pay attention to where your strikes come from, this will let you know how close or how far away the fish are positioned from the rocks.

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of how to catch bass on a more consistent basis when using the Original Lunker Lure Buzzbait . One last tip before we go: don't be afraid to change sizes of baits, sometimes a 1/4 oz buzzbait will outproduce the larger 3/8ths and 1/2 oz models.  Experiment with colors and sizes and you will soon find several combinations that based on your current fishing conditions will always produce quality fish for you.

Godd Luck and Good Fishin',

Lunker Lure

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