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Do you "Shakee Head"?

If you fish much these days, then I'm sure you are familiar with the term "Shakee Heading".  If you're not familiar with it, sit down, 'cause you're in for an eye opening experience. 

The Shakee Head is a ball-head jig with a straight tailed worm attached to it.  Pretty simple design, but extremely effective in catching bass, especially under heavy fishing pressure situations.  What isn't as simple is designing and producing a "good" shakee head.  The Lunker Lure Shakee Head is built on a rock-solid foundation, that foundation being a light-wire needle sharp Gamakatsu 4/0 hook.  Everything you do with a Shakee Head revolves around one thing...the hook.  As mentioned we use a Gamakatsu 4/0 light-wire hook with a 90 degree vertical eye.  A strong, super sharp, light-wire hook ensures that you get good hook penetration, as in most instances when using a shakee head, light line and a lighter action rod are involved.  With those two factors: the line and lighter action rod, the amount of energy delivered to the hook point during a hook-set is considerably less than say when throwing a texas rigged worm on a baitcasting outfit.  That is why a super sharp, strong hook is required.

So where do you use a shakee head you ask?  Honestly, just about anywhere.  Rip-rap, around docks, sea-walls, bridge pilings, the list goes on.  These are all good areas to use a shakee head.  Remember, the Shakee head is designed to get you more bites, when fish are pressured, whether it be post-frontal conditions or fishing pressure that may have the fish a little finicky, the shakee head, coupled with a finesse worm of various types will generate bites for you.

What type of equipment do you need? A standard Shakee Head set-up consists of a spinning reel on a 6 1/2 foot to 7 foot medium action rod.  Spooled with 6lb or 8lb fluorocarbon line.  Tie on your Shakee Head , rig your worm (side note: rigging your worm on a shakee head as if you were riggging it as a texas-rigged worm will help eliminate hang-ups), and now fish it all of the places mentioned above, as well as anywhere else you may throw a jig or texas rigged worm.  We're certain you'll get more bites throwing a shakee-head, if you haven't used it, give it a try, you'll only be out a little time if you don't like it. 

Good Fishin',

Lunker Lure / Hawg Caller

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