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Has the "Migration" started in your local lakes?

No, we're not talking about waterfowl hunting when we use the term "migration", we are talking about baitfish.  Every year in lakes and rivers across the country there is a baitfish migration that takes place and it can be the key to your success as a fall fisherman. 

As shad begin to migrate towards the backs of the tributaries of many lakes and rivers, the bass will follow.  One of the biggest keys to fall fishing is the presence of bait.  No not how many minnows are in your bucket, is there a presence of shad in the areas you are fishing is what we're talking about.  You see in the fall a bass has one thing on his mind...strapping on the feed bag, that's it.  He (or she) are not confused with feelings of love in the air like in the spring, all they want to do is eat.  So as anglers, you have to learn to capitalize on this mode of operation.  By identifying where the fish are living geographically (on the main lake, half-way back in the creeks, all the way back, you get the idea) and then finding areas that fit the profile, that also have a presence of baitfish you can increase your odds of success.  Does that mean you can't catch a fish if there is no baitfish in the area?  Absolutely not, what you're trying to do is play the percentages.  If there is a lot of bait in the area, it should increase the number of bass in the area, which should increase your chances of catching one.  Does it work like this every time?  No, but often it does.  One you have located where the bass are living (geographically located), you can then select a lure that is best suited for the job.  Without a doubt, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits can be two of the best fall lures you can use.  Remember, on a spinnerbait, try and select a blade size that most accurately matches the size of the baitfish in the area, this will often increase your level of success.  Two other baits that deserve mentioning are the white jig and a shake 'n shad both of these baits can be deadly on fall bass.  Try swimming the white jig around shallow cover like docks, logs, grass, etc.  The Shake 'n shad also works well around shallow cover as well as rip-rap. 

Remember, the number one goal of a bass in the fall is to eat, positioning yourself around areas where there is an abundance of forage can increase your chnaces of running into a good bunch of fish.  Watch how and where you get your bites, and build a pattern from there, and you will be sure to have a great day on the water!

Good Fishin',

Lunker Lure - Hawg Caller

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