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Have you got your spinnerbaits ready?

If you're sitting around the house itching to go fishing, or maybe thinking about a recent trip you've taken.  Have you considered how prepared you are for the excellent spring fishing that is on its way?  Everyone gets excited about going fishing when the weather first starts to warm up, some anglers are fortunate enough to get to fish all winter long, but have you taken the time to think a little in advance of the upcoming spring season that is fast approaching?  If you haven't, here is one word that should start the wheels turning "Spinnerbaits".  It won't be long and water temps will be in the low-mid 50's which can signal the start of spinnerbait season.  As the water continues to warm, it only increases a bass' activity as well as the effectiveness of a spinnerbait.  So take a little time today, think about your inventory of spinnerbaits, check the condition that they are in.  If needed, order some new ones, so you're prepared when the warmer water temps arrive. 

If you are new to using spinnerbaits, a couple guidelines can be followed that will help ensure your success with a spinnerbait:

1. Keep it simple.  Three standard color combinations will work in a variety of situations.  Chartreuse, Chartreuse/White, and White these three color options can be a great place to start building your spinnerbait inventory. Are there other colors thart work well also? Absolutely, but these three combinations will get you started.

2. Blade combinations.  Again, keep it simple.  tandem spinnerbatis (two bladed) are great.  Get a colorado/willow leaf combination (preferably a #3 colorado and a #4 or #4.5 willow leaf) in the three colors above will cover stained/slightly stained and clear water situations. Hawg Caller Proven Winner #11 is a perfect example.  A single colorado blade size #4-#6 is an excellent choice for muddy water, it gives off great vibration, which allows a bass to track down the bait.  Hawg Caller Proven winner #46 with a chartreuse skirt is another great example.

So again, take aome time to look over your spinnerbait inventory, that way you won't be caught empty handed when spinnerbait season fires up!  Remember, it's only a few days away!

Good Luck and Good Fishing,

Lunker Lure / Hawg Caller

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