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High Pressure Days can be beneficial

It's fall now, and as we progress further into fall, we can expect to experience more weather systems.  When a "front" (short for cold front or low pressure system) passes through the barometer drops, the fish get active and you have a great day catching bass.  But what about the day after, the high blue skies, the high barometric pressure?  Not to worry, this is not necessarily a bad thing.  Heres why: when high pressure systems move in, it is usually associated with high, clear, cloudless skies and cooler temps.  These conditions usually cause the fish to respond in a very specific manner, they head for the best cover available and get right in the middle of it.  Why? I don't know the scientific reason, but I know from listening to the Lunker Lure pro-staff, this is what they have experienced time and time again. 

So how do you catch these fish buried in the cover?  First identify the available cover is it wood? Grass? Docks?  If grass is the main cover available, look for areas of matted vegetation.  There is no better time to tie on a Lunker Lure Monster Grass Jig and start punching the matted vegetation.  A word of caution, don't take a knife to a gun fight, by that we mean, go armed with a flipping stick and 65# braided line.  This is heavy cover fishing at its finest. 

If the best available cover is wood then tie on your favorite Lunker Lure jig, whether its the Original Rattleback, the Triple Rattleback, or the Ultimate Rattling Jig either one of the three will work.  Start disecting all of the available wood cover, laydowns, stumps.  Don't be afraid to put your jig right into the moddle of the thickest cover you can find, often this is where the bass are hiding.  Again, this is a situation that requires a flipping stick and heavy line, either 65# braid or 25# fluorocarbon. 

Last but not least, if docks are the predominant cover available, then you need to start picking apart the docks.  Often, you will need to reach the deepest darkest parts of the docks.  There is no better time than this to get out a Shakee Head and start skipping a finesse worm under these docks.  Another bait that is excellent for this is the BodyLok finesse jig.  It too skips very well, and is an excellent choice when fishing around docks.

Hopefully we've shed a little light on how catch post-frontal bass.  Once you identify exactly how they are relating to the cover, you can have a successful day on the water, on what otherwise might have been a tough day.

Good Fishin',

Lunker Lure Hawg Caller

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