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Randy Howell Randy Howell
Fall is the time of the year that I once dreaded the most. I could catch bass good in the spring and summer, but when the late fall rolled around, would get very frustrated. I have learned that if I stay in one area while fishing during fall weather, I catch more fish. In spring and summer, I catch more fish moving around different parts of a lake.
Tommy Biffle Tommy Biffle
The Triple Rattleback Jig and the Rattleback Jig is by far the best jig on the market. This has been my go to lure for a majority of my winnings in my professional fishing career.
Duke Jenkel Duke Jenkel
Pre-spawn and Summer are my two favorite times to fish, and a Hawg Caller spinnerbait is perfect for fishing shallow, or slow rolling when fishing off-shore. When I fish off-shore, I never leave the dock without a Lunker Lure Rattlin’ Football jig tied on! My favorite is a ½ oz jig in Peanut Butter and Jelly.
Chad Chad Morgenthaler
As a Professional Angler I rely heavily on quality products that get the job done. Lunker Lure's dedication to building quality products for anglers is second to none. I know when I use a Lunker Lure bait that I have the most dependable and effective product possible.
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