Cold water Baits…which ones are the best?

Ask any bass angler what their favorite cold-water lures are, will most likely get you a wide range of responses.  But there are a few tried and true lures that will be repeated when it comes to catching a bass out of cold-water.  First and foremost will be a jig, for decades anglers have relied on this lure to catch lethargic, cold-water bass. At Lunker Lure we manufacture jigs that will fit almost any scenario an angler can encounter.  The limit series jig is an excellent chice when it comes to catching them in cold water. Second in line will most-likely be a jerkbait.  Again, next to a jig, there isn’t a more favored lure to catch cold water bass.

But recently there has been addition to this list.  It is a castable umbrella rig, here at Lunker Lure-Hawg Caller we make such a product, it is called the Gill Raker.  Across the country for the last year and a half, countless bass have fallen victim to this lure.  With it’s ability to be fished from near the surface to over 20 feet deep, the Gill Rakeris an excellent choice for cold water bassing.  It is designed to imitate a small school of shad, which is a key ingredient in a bass’ diet.  Depending on how heavy of a jig head is used with the Gill Raker will depend on what depth the lure can be fished at most easily.  Jig head sizes of up to 1/2 oz are available.  Simply add your favorite soft plastic swimbait to the jig head of your choice and attach it to the snap swivel at the end of each wire on the Gill Raker and you are in business.  It is recommended that you use a reel spooled with 65lb braided line on a heavy action 7’6″ – 7’11” rod.

When it comes down to what areas or where to throw the Gill Raker, bear in mind that the fish you are attempting to catch are suspended, usually over or near deep water. In the cold weather months all the way through to the immediate pre-spawn, use this lure anywhere you would throw a jerkbait or drag a jig, we’re certain you won’t be disappointed.

Good Luck and Good Fishin’,

Lunker Lure-Hawg Caller