Hawg Caller Spinnerbaits… several things you might not know about ’em.

Our last blog post covered our Ultimate Rattling Jig, today we’re going to cover the Hawg Caller line of Spinnerbaits.  The spinnerbait is one of the most widely used baits in fishing.  But what makes it so?  What seperates one spinnerbait from another?  Let’s take a look at what Hawg Caller offers in their spinnerbaits to see why not only is the spinnerbait so versatile, but why ours is a great choice.

The Hawg Caller line of spinnerbaits are available in sizes ranging from 1/8th oz all the way up to 2 ozs. Blade configurations vary from single Colorado or single Willow to Colorado/Willow, Double Colorado, Double Willow, even triple willow combos are available. This allows an angler to have a Hawg Caller spinnerbait tied on to suit any circumstance they may encounter.  With the many skirt color options available, we’re sure we have what you want.

Now, let’s take a look at the inner workings of the spinnerbait.  The two main components in attracting a fish to strike a spinnerbait is flash and vibration.  What controls these two factors, one is the size of the blade used, the other is the size of the wire used.  About wire size: At Hawg Caller we have matched the smallest diameter wire we can use to provide excellent vibration, and continue to provide great durability.  The smaller the diameter of wire used in a spinnerbait increases the vibration; however, it also becomes succeptable to breakage due to the fatigue placed on the wire during fish catches.  Our goal at Hawg Caller is to find that perfect balance between maximum vibration and durability.  Which is why the wire diameters on our baits vary between sizes, on our 1/8th oz bait we use a .028 wire, .032 diameter on 1/4oz-3/4oz baits.  Our 1oz and up sizes come with a .035 wire.  Combine the proper wire size with premium silver and gold plated blades or painted blades, attached with top of the line ball bearing swivels and the end result is a spinner bait that has maximum flash, vibration and the durability to handle many fish catches.

Not to leave out the buiness end of the bait, all of our spinnerbaits come with a high quality Mustad needle point hook.  A great choice that is forgiving when it comes to hook-ups.  It penetrates easy and has wide gap that has excellent fish holding power once you have one on.

Take the time to check out the great line of Hawg Caller Spinnerbaits, we’re certain you’ll love ’em, we know we do!

Good Luck and Good Fishin’,

Lunker Lure Hawg Caller