How well do you know our products?

How well do you know our products? We asked for the fine folks who follow along on Facebook page to list their favorite Lunker Lure / Hawg Caller products and we’d go a little more in depth about them on our blog.

So today’s spotlight lure is the Ultimate Rattlin’ Jig. It comes in 6 different weights ranging from 1/16th of an ounce all the way up to 3/4 oz, and is available in over 50 different skirt colors.  All sizes of the Ultimate Rattlin’ jig come with a wide gap round bend Gamakatsu hook.  The smaller sizes (1/16th-3/8ths) come standard with a 4/0 hook, the two larger sizes (1/2-3/4) come with a 5/0 hook, both hook sizes have a 60 degree flat eye. With multiple head colors available (matching the general skirt color) the Ultimate Rattlin’ Jig is an excellent choice for any angler as well as an excellent jig for any fishing situation.  Look for our Ultimate Rattlin’ Jig at your local retailer or you can find them at our online store located on our website

A special thanks to all of those who replied on our Facebook page, we value all of our fishing friends!

Good Luck and Good Fishin’,

Lunker Lure Hawg Caller